As a dad of girls, you tend to learn things that most men never do.  Things like the correct way to tie a bow on the back of a dress, how to zip  up the back of a cheer uniform without pinching the skin of said daughter, how to do a ponytail, and- of course- how to paint nails.  Being an artist, this one is a bit easier for me than the rest.  As a gag side note: I added Mark in the helmet and jersey at the last minute (during the inking phase).  To me, it was even funnier that he was so ready for his part of the deal, that he came dressed for the party.

On the artistic side, not liking some of the digital inks I was getting, I jumped to traditional brush marker on board for this strip.  I like it much better, but switched back to digital on the next couple upcoming strips, which I’m really starting to like.  Evolving….