What is AMT and how does it affect you?  Read on!

Women can touch each other and linger for an almost endless time before things get weird.  With men the amount of time can be counted in the nano-seconds.  But, though we males do not like to admit it, we NEED to have physical touch among our sex.  It’s a proven fact.  So, we seek out ways to do it that will not be frowned upon and can actually be considered cool.   I call this action ACCEPTABLE MAN TOUCH (AMT).

I wish I could have been the guy that created the now popular FIST BUMP .   If I could have found a way to monetize that action (or even the term!), I would be a very rich person.  Why?  Because, us guys were thrilled to find a new way to touch that was as acceptable and cool as the long worn-out HIGH FIVE.  Finally!    I have a theory that men that were raised by a single mother (as in the dad was not around at all) cannot communicate in man touch language at all; so do not partake because of past mistakes.  I’m one of those.  I’ve tried AMT before and the result was very much like this comic strip.  And when the Fist Bump started becoming popular, I would exclaim to my male friend “Fist me!” and thrust out my arm awkwardly.  (Yes, I know now that term can have a very different meaning.)

So, besides this strip,  I am currently spending my time researching the next big thing in Acceptable Man Touch.  I’m currently exploring if there is any form of AMT that involve feet.  If you think that is strange look to football fields where AMT can even involve patting male buttocks.  Scientifically amazing!  While I know I am really not the right guy to make anything “manly” popular (because of my lack of a father figure in my upbringing), part of my marketing plan is to hire some popular sports figures to start doing it.  The rest should happen naturally.   Money while I sleep, I tell you!