This strip introduces two new “milestones”.  One is the introduction of the idea that Mark’s phone is his therapist.  I think our society is only one or two steps away from this already.  Our phones have become such a personal extension of us- only smarter- that it only makes sense that we start asking them for help with our “life” problems- not just directions.  Unfortunately, Mark’s phone is ALSO female.

Secondly, on the artistic side, this is one of the newer strips where I’m starting to digitally ink instead of just do pencils.  I used Manga Studio to ink and that software has great digital ink nibs.  So, not bad, but I still had to use Photoshop for the lettering and tones, so not perfect yet.   I like the cleaner look, but its still not working for me and you’ll see other versions in the next couple weeks that I played with.  And this took me at least an extra hour to produce, so its not been faster going digital, as I had hoped.