Well, HELLO!  I know, its been awhile.  I’ve been very busy on a number of projects (seriously- ranging from working on my own feature film concept to a third book to launching a new app: SketchBite).  I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to come back to Outnumbered- UNTIL- Star Wars: The Force Awakens started coming nearer and nearer.  About a week ago, I got ideas for a bunch of Outnumbered gags revolving around Mark and Travis getting excited to see SW:FA.  That lead to me making the crazy decision to have a OUTNUMBERED FORCE AWAKENS WEEK the week leading up to the premiere of the film.  SO- Today (Sunday) starts Outnumbered coming out DAILY for 7 DAYS!  Talk about going from a dry spell to turning the faucet on full steam… but to do this, I called in a DREAM TEAM of webcomic artist friends!  I will reveal them as we go, but let me tell you, I am THRILLED with the work they did on Outnumbered in a short time!  In the end, I wrote all 7 gags and illustrated 3 of the 7 strips- all in a week!   Please tell your friends and share that Outnumbered is daily this week.  Thanks for tuning back in!

Colors for this strip are by the talented Jeremiah Skipper.