Hey- Outnumbered is BACK!!!  Well, at least one is back.  I know, I’ve been away longer than I had hoped, and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’m back for good now either. I did want to do one more since I had a fun idea and I had been missing drawing the Crosby family.  AND, to kill three birds with one drawing, I also used this as a sketch for my new app, “Sketchbite” (which is out now, info below), today’s strip, and I’m strongly considering it as the cover to my upcoming “Outnumbered” book.  Lots in the works.  Stay tooned.

And, please download my new sketch “club” app, “Sketchbite” on iphone or Android.  Go to www.SketchBite.com for more info and links to download it.  Its’ the app where we send you out daily sketch prompts, you draw it, upload it into the app, and you can see what everyone else did also.  AND- there’s weekly featured artists and a monthly prize!