As promised last week, I  am a day late this week!  Sorry about that.  Just got back yesterday from a week in Italy all last week and it couldn’t be prevented.  BUT- we have a special one this week- by a guest artist!   It’s by my awesome friend Stephen Fox ( who is an awesome writer AND artist!  Ironically, I wrote today’s strip (with tweaks by Stephen) but he can write like a crazy man on his own.  As a matter of fact, he and I are working on a personal project of my own, for which he is writing the script, so he had a busy week turning in the first draft of that AND creating the art for this week’s Outnumbered.  It was like Christmas for me all from Santa Stephen!  So, enjoy today’s strip and I hope to be back at it by next week (though its not looking good….dum, dum, dump, duuuuum! (scary music).