Getting older can be extra painful when you live in a household of beautiful girls.  If its not them, its their beautiful girl friends bopping around also.  They all eat like Alaskan Truckers but they are still tumbling and cheering daily so nothing sticks.  ME?  I eat a cracker and it shows.  They think its funny how daddy (I’m leaving mommy out of this for health reasons) has a “daddybump” and colorful veined legs.  Yeah, real funny.  I keep telling them, I’m still one of the best looking dads of all their overworked dad’s friends.  So there.  Keep working and enjoying those business dinners and lavish vacations, you insurance analysts and stockbrokers!

Man, this sounds like a bitter rant, huh?   You’re welcome!

I hope you enjoyed Outnumbered.  I actually enjoyed making this for you!  Share it with someone you love.