Out of the strips I’ve written and illustrated so far, this one sums up my life with 5 women the most. Any husband/dad living in the Land of Women will tell you that emotions run high (or low) at all times. It’s a rollercoaster ride, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world. On a side note, this strip also spotlights a major difference between me and the character Mark. He goes to an office, wears suits, watches football, and has some kind of respectable (but boring) job. I don’t do/have any of those things- thank goodness!

Also, since some of you may ask, I made it “Mount Raneri” on purpose. It SOUNDS like it should be Mt.Rainier, but I changed it to be an homage to my Disney animation buddy, Nik Ranieri. Then I spelled that wrong too so the whole thing is blown. I’ll fix it if I get that big syndication contract one day. See you next Monday! Post comments and share this with friends!