Since I was on vacation the week before, this last week turned out to be so crazy (catching up) that I was contemplating not doing a new Outnumbered strip this week.  It would have been my FIRST time not doing a new strip on Monday.   Then I thought: “Well, maybe just a quickie, sport holder, type strip.”  Anyway, this STARTED out that way but soon became fairly complicated.  At any rate, its done.  I had started a storyline two weeks ago and I promise I’ll get back to it next week.

AND- big news!- Outnumbered is going to see PRINT!  A friend of mine is launching a COMICS ONLY newspaper called “Laugh-O-Gram” that will come to your house once a week and they are running Outnumbered as one of the strips!  Its a cool idea that I really wanted to get behind.  They have the license to all the major, classic strips like Peanuts, Garfield, Baby Blues, Zits, and so many more!  Check out the Kickstarter and get a lower rate on your subscription: