Normally when I read a webcomic and the artist goes on vacation, a guest artist steps in to help out and its always kind of cool to see how someone else would handle the characters/world.  Then, you have today’s situation where the guest artist(s) come in and not only create a great comic (to help this old cartoonist out) but create TWO awesome comics!  Today’s two-fer are by Andrew and Kevan Chandler, webcomic stripers of a few strips: “Con Artists” and “Moth and Ethan”.  Andrew is my regular colorist for Outnumbered so these strips blend into the rest quite nicely.  Thank you Los Hermanos Chandler!  (Yes, that’s me at the end of the last strip.)

If you want to check out their work, their Con Artists strip (about two artists that work the comic cons and their many strange adventures) can be found at . Kevan has a new website for his writing at .  Lastly, there is a nice banner for Andrew’s strip “Moth and Ethan” on the side of this site.  Enjoy!  Let us know what you thought.