I think my post title would make a great movie title.  I think I’ll make that film.  Here’s the pitch:


You’ve heard of ‘coming of age’ films, right?  This is the opposite; a film about the ‘decline of age’.  Excited yet?  Steve Carell and Molly Ringwald (ironic, right?) are a couple trying to find their way in the latter years of life after their kids have all grown and moved away- but no grandkids yet.  They set off on a road trip of elderly self discovery- based on the “self discovery trip” they never took in the late 70s because they started having kids instead.  Can you “reset” your life at 55(mph)?  Comedy and heart-tugging ensues.

Thanks for being a part of OUTNUMBERED- and my ramblings- I appreciate you, one and all.  -Tom B.