Happy New Year (this week) everyone!  First of all, I’m someone that loves change.  I don’t like it, I love it!  I don’t know why, but the optimist in me always sees change as a good thing.  Because of that, I look for change in my life.  I started doing what happens in today’s strip a few years back- I’d put a “time capsule” letter to myself in the box with the Christmas decorations.  It started as a way to see if I- or the kids- could remember what they got last year (which, sadly, most of us couldn’t), but then I started writing out things I had accomplished at work and what possible jobs might happen the next year.  More times than not, they things I thought would happen next year didn’t happen.  Usually, it would be something not even on the horizon- and often times it was better than I imagined.  I’m a Christian (which is where the optimism is rooted) so I got a lot out of seeing where He lead me and how it always illustrated how I could not lead myself.  My plans never seemed to work out, but HIS did and they were often better than I could have imagined.  Here’s to new adventures in 2015 and to unexpected blessings and challenges.  Happy New Year!