For my Outnumbered Christmas strip this week, I wanted to do something as a team-up with my daughter, Lexie.  She came up with the loose concept for this strip and drew the background for it (in colored pencils) and I added the characters and dialogue.  (If you don’t like the gag, that’s my fault- my wife didn’t get it either.)  Lexie is my oldest (20) and is in college to become an art instructor.  This is our first time doing something together and we had fun doing it.   In the strip, Meagan is extremely loosely based on her.  BUT, Meagan is much more of a “makes bad decisions kind of girl” and Lexie is an angel.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family and the Crosby family (that’s the Outnumbered family’s last name, which I’ve only used a couple times so don’t worry if you didn’t know it!)