Welcome to “Shirtgate” 5 of 9!  Okay, I know I said I cut out one strip from this story arc, but I’ve added this one in instead, so I’m back to 9 strips in this arc.  I know it doesn’t matter, but since I mentioned it last strip, I thought I’d give the update in case some of you are following along.  Anyway, I started talking to my brother about this story arc and how I wanted to show how Melody is getting obsessed with finding this shirt and I thought I’d go a step further this week (she’s going a little crazy).  Hey, we’re cartoonists, we’re supposed to take it too far!  I threw in a few “guest stars” too, did you notice?  It seems every time I show the outside of the house, the Crosby’s seem to live in some kind of strange comic strip land.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll keep that….as long as I don’t get sued.