HEY!  I hope you had a great Halloween.   I’m writing this on Friday, so if I got my way, I showed my kids “I Am Legend”; if my wife won, we probably watched “Gremlins.”  I think we all know how that went.

I have to say, I love this strip because it illustrates ME as Mark, moreso than many other Outnumbered strips.  When its family meeting time (ie. mom and dad need to yell at the kids) my wife is so good at getting their attention, laying out the problem, giving them no room for getting out of it, and coming up with a suitable punishment that clinches the deal.  I try and throw in a point or two (or use a prop, like in this strip) and screw it up.  I’m just not good on my feet in these situations and the kids see right through it.  Yet another reason that moms should rule the world.  Dads would have no curfew, let the world drink Coke late at night, and forget to ask it if it did it’s homework or cleaned its room.

I hope you enjoy OUTNUMBERED and share it with YOUR world.  Thanks, Tom B.