Well, schools back in so that means I’m going to lots of Middle school and High School football games.  I mostly just go for the cheerleaders.  Before you think that sounds creepy- realize that I have three cheerleader daughters so I mean that literally.  I’m not a football- or any sports- kind of guy.  I do enjoy watching people at the games though.  Some of the shorthand that people yell at their sons as they play the game is hilarious to me.  Thus this strip.  It just kind of him me and I’ve been dying to get it down on board and up here ever since.  I hope you liked it too.  If so, please share the strip and tell a friend.  Incredible colors by the incredible Andrew Chandler, once again!  See the banner on the left side of this site to check out his strip.  Thanks!

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast #4: Crowdfunding your Dreams: the Jamie Lopez interview is up on www.taughtbyapro.com and iTunes now!  Check it.