Hey everyone!  If OUTNUMBERED looks a little different this week its because it IS!  This is only the second time I have given the artistic “reigns” over to another artist (the first, being my brother, almost a year ago), but my good friend, TONY CRAIG, actually came to me and asked if he could do a “guest artist strip” for Outnumbered.  I hadn’t even thought to ask anyone, so him asking was a thrill.  Knowing Tony as a strong cartoonist even back in our early days as CalArts students, it was a good fit.  Tony has since directed many TV shows and feature films for Warner Brothers and a few other studios.  He’s a great guy too.  He says he’s been thinking of jumping into the world of webcomics himself, so hopefully drawing Outnumbered was a good experience from him.   AND- by the way- I wrote this strip, so you can’t blame Tony for that.    Thanks Tony!   I love it and thank you for your help-  I needed the break this week!

You can see some of Tony’s prints, photography and artwork at his FB page/gallery.  Please “like” it at: www.facebook.com/nextbendgallery


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