It’s funny, because it FEELS like a big number to say I’ve done 100 strips of Outnumbered- but in the webcomics world, most guys will say “Ah, you’re just getting started”.  I see their point.  (BTW- there are about 5-6 strips that aren’t in the archives because I just didn’t love them, but I still counted them.)  It does take a long while before you get a feel for your character, their stories, personalities, and even how to draw them.   And my own abilities in writing strips, drawing them, inking,  and – especially lettering them- has grown through this stack of 100.  I hope you all see the difference and have enjoyed the ride along with me.  I want to thank my colorist, Andrew Chandler, once again, for his awesome colors every week (I think THIS WEEK’s strip is especially nice).  His own strip is the only ad I’ve run on this site, hit the link on the left side to see his work.  Well, here’s to 100 more!  (At least, but I do really wanna hit 200 because then I’ll print a book!)

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