Hey, its for charity!  That’s what I say to any of you that say that the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is getting OLD.  -OR if you think this strip isn’t funny!  Shame on you.

The story behind this is that cartoonist CHRIS FLICK had his character from his webcomic “Capes and Babes” (www.capesnbabes.com) challenged MY Outnumbered characters to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, so rather than just doing a sketch of Mark getting ‘bucketed’, I made it into a strip.  (This actually happened to me- I had to have it done TWICE because my daughter didn’t film it the first time!)  SO- I challenge LUANN (“Luann” comic by Greg Evans), SLUGGO ( “Nancy” comic by Guy Gilchrist), and SNUGGY SMITH (“Snuffy Smith” by John Rose) to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!  You have 24 hours- or if you want to do it as a strip- take a few weeks.  Good?  Oh, and I will pay for the original art to all three (or a PRINT from Greg, since he’s digital) if you do them as strips- so you can donate that money too!  Thanks guys.


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