Does the title work for this gag?  Not really.  Did I find a way to work a George Michael song into OUTNUMBERED?  No, but at least into this title.  It’s late, nothing makes sense right now but bed.  I hope you like this one, I could do a few hundred of these on the relationships in the family when it comes to “relations”.  You “know” what I mean?  (Biblical reference there….)  Okay, to bed with me….

Oh- if you live in the Nashville area (I’m talking to you Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia..) Please check out the LIVE art instruction/lecture event we are putting on as part of called “Pro Weekend”.  It’s Oct. 24-26 right here in Nashville and we have three Top Pro artists from comic books and animation that we will be hosting.  Check out the website to register and get more info!

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