Before anyone gets upset, I just want to say that the WIFE in any relationship doesn’t HAVE to be the one to cook the meal.  In our household, it does work that way.  Growing up, I had no father in the house, so it definitely worked that way, but I DO know that MEN can and do cook!  Good and clear?  Okay.

Anyway, I want to do a big shout- out to my friend (and former physical trainer- short story- he’s great, I’m lazy) CARTER HAYS.   About a YEAR ago we were all sweating and dying in a boot camp workout and while we are DYING he tells stories or talks about music and such.  In one session, knowing I had a webcomic, he told a story about one of his kids saying a similar line to the first line in the forth panel.  He said I could use the gag in my comic and I thought it was funny and filed it away.  For a long while, it seems.  I never forgot it because it WAS funny.  So, here it is in the context of the Crosby family.  Thanks Carter, this one is for you!  From, Fatty Tommy