Well, when you see this I will have just gotten back from San Diego Comic Con!  Hopefully, I had a great time (as usual) and saw tons of old comic strip, animation, and comic book artist pals.  And my bro and our good friend/producer John Schafer.  (If you want to see some pics, I’m sure we posted throughout the Con weekend onto our Bancroft Bros. Facebook page).  I drew this and scrambled to color it just before leaving (it’s Tues of last week, as I type/upload this).  Whew.  This was SUPPOSED to be my quickie idea but then I discovered that certain Princess’ have a TON of colors in them, so not a quick coloring job!  Still, it was fun.  Poor Mark.  Dang, I just realized I forgot Fred and he could have been a great Percy from Pocahontas!  Next Halloween, I guess.

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