Mark hasn’t exactly started to warm up to Fred and now his biggest fears are coming true- HE’s the one that has to take care of the dirty jobs.  Oh, the drama!  Thanks for following OUTNUMBERED.  The new website had a good week last week with lots of pageviews.  I think having the cel phone probs fixed so you can view it there, was a big help to many of you.  Just wanted you to know I was listening, though slow to respond.  This strip was the FIRST that I’ve colored myself.  It was a busy week and I got to it very late (Saturday night) and my wonderful colorist, Andrew Chandler, had an emergency trip away this weekend, so in order to get it to all of you ON TIME, I colored it myself.  I know I’m not NEAR as good or fast as Andrew, but I hope it works for you all.

As always, thank you for your support, sharing, and comments!