And our little doggie has a NAME and- more importantly- a sex!  Another guy in the house!  Right on.  Just what Mark needs, but not in the way he probably would have requested.  We shall see where this goes.  Could male bonding be far behind?  It could.  Mark’s not liking the idea of a dog right now…..

By the way, this is strip #90!  I almost didn’t mention it because I want to make a big deal of strip #100, but I gotta say, that sounds like a LOT of strips to me.  I know with webcomic artists, that’s just getting started, but I had no idea I’d be here still doing these 90 strips in.  Congratulations me!

Anyone going to San Diego Comic Con?  I will be there (its in July) and mostly walking the floor like a fanboy, but I WILL have some time at the NATIONAL CARTOONIST SOCIETY booth (probably with my twin bro, Tony), so look for a schedule at that booth.  I haven’t heard my times, so I’ll post them when I do.  OUTNUMBERED fans are my favorit-ist  people, so I’d love to meet you there!  Well, Patreon fans might up you just a tad but we can fix that……

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