SURPRISE!  Yes, this is still Outnumbered.   The Crosby (Outnumbered) family will be coming back to their strip momentarily, but in the meantime, syndicated comic strip character LUANN has entered the strip for a few weeks!  The ever-awesome creator of LUANN, Greg Evans, has graciously let me have permission to use her in OUTNUMBERED- which, I believe, is THE FIRST TIME a syndicated comic character has ever crossed over into a WEBCOMIC!  (With creator permission, anyway.:)  I’m a big fan of Greg’s and of the Luann strip, so its a thrill to have her in my strip, a HUGE thanks to you Greg.  I knew I wanted to introduce a dog to the Crosby family and thought it would be fun to have him come into the strip in an interesting way.  Thanks to Luann getting lost from her own strip, we have that twist.  More to come…..every Monday morning!

If you want to read Luann daily go to: or to your local newspaper.  I hear some fun things are happening with Luann as she and her friends are graduating high school!

OUTNUMBERED is ALSO on every Monday and Thursday, so check out the archives there.

As always, a special thank you to my comic strip colorist, Andrew Chandler.  You can see his strip by clicking the banner on the right side, middle.

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