I don’t know….you’re either going to like this or hate me.  I tried.  I think this is something we all feel as we age, but having it come from the “voice” of Melody is always scary for me, the male creator.  I could go on and on about this subject (aging and feeling “sexy”) but I’m going to leave it where it lies.  If it goes viral on “healthy aging” websites or on “feminist” websites, I guess we’ll know where it landed with most of you.  Viva la internet!

This is IT- NEXT WEEK expect a curve ball to hit the OUTNUMBERED strip.  It’s the SECRET I’ve been hinting at for some time.   I hope you like it.   But the part you DO KNOW is that I will be slowly introducing you to a NEW CHARACTER: a dog for the Outnumbered family (I call them the Crosby’s, btw, I need to mention that more, huh?)  I hit my Patreon page milestone thanks to many of you, so this is the PAYOFF!

AND- did you hit the link on the top right yet?  The one that says Patreon?  Its cool and fun.  It takes you to a wonderful place where you can help me make this (free) strip for you along with art monthly art giveaways and other stuff no one else sees- Just a click away!