Hey, its me!  Tom Bancroft.  I am posting this about a week and a half in the past!  All because I should have just returned from a weeklong trip to Italy last night.  I bet I’m tired.  So tired, I had to post this a week and a half ago (and draw it) because I would be so jet lagged, it would look like what the girls are drawing on their papers.  Scribbles.  And this blog would look like this: aldjdo fondo89ueuqoen cnvo ajo eojnroe,, okay?  So, you’re welcome.  Anyway, I liked this strip because it reminds me of both my girl twins and my twin brother and I at the same time.  Tony and I would draw like this for hours and would have to work around whatever color the other twin was using.  Arguments would ensue.  The other perk to this week strip is I got to work in a “Frozen” reference- and that’s like GOLD these days.  Its gonna go viral now, I know it!


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