Welcome to strip number 80!~  Yay.  I wanted to explore a bit more of the personalities of the twins, Callie and Casey (Casey has the weird hat), so I’ve written a few “twin strips” for the next little bit  ( leading up to a BIG SURPRISE coming to the strip after that).  This was meant to just be a twin gag, but I did go into their speech problem a bit.  I want everyone to know that I am NOT MAKING FUN of people with speech problems!  Its just the opposite.  My wife is a speech therapist and our OWN twins have had speech problems since they were tiny.  Its fairly common in twins.  So, in a subtle way, this strip took a little step into a more serious note (being bullied for being different), but I’m not making OUTNUMBERED a place to speak about this as an “issue”, its just a part of who they are at this age. Anyway, that’s that.

Oh man, I REALLY want to tell you the secret coming up in OUTNUMBERED.  Its gonna be good and- here’s a hint- something NO OTHER WEBCOMIC HAS EVER DONE!  Start guessing now….

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