I happen to live with 4 girls that eat like 4 boys.  I don’t know how they do it, but they look great, are fit, but eat like horses.  Especially the little ones.  I think its all the cheerleading they do.  Some say its not a sport, but I sure do.  I couldn’t do it and I doubt any of the football players could either.  But I digress.  Kids are expensive.  That is all.

Over at my Patreon support page, things are getting exciting.  If I hit the $1000 mark, which I’m really close to now, I have promised introducing a DOG TO OUTNUMBERED.  And its a BOY dog!  Wahoo!  Below is the initial sketch design.  Click on the top, right link that says “Patreon” to go support me and Outnumbered!  You might get a dog out of it.