There are certain “landmarks” we all need to accomplish with our kids or they won’t be successful in school/ making friends/ etc.  ONE of the biggest is can you wink.  Also, can you snap?  Whistle with two fingers?  Flex your arm muscle?  Then, if your child can do something EXTRA special- like wiggle their ears, crack their knuckles on call, are double jointed, or twerk (that last one is a joke, sorry)- then that child has the chance to reach new social heights!  In elementary school those kind of abilities can make you a rockstar, so as parents, we need to train them well or we just aren’t equipping them for life!  Thankfully, watching them TRY to do it is hilarious.  Videotaping it and posting it to Youtube can be equally fulfilling and possibly profitable!  Parents, do your jobs!

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