Happy New Year’s to you all ( a day early).   This strip is number 63 for OUTNUMBERED and it is extra special because I am exactly a year into creating OUTNUMBERED!  Wahoo, happy anniversary to me!  And you, if you are a loyal follower of Outnumbered.  Thank you, once again.  I look forward to another year of Outnumbered and a (hopefully) growing readership.  Please come along with me on this journey.  (Why not, its free, right?)  Spread the word and help my dream of doubling my readership come true this year!  (Okay, tripling is also accepted.)

Another special shout out on this anniversary to my colorist buddy, Andrew Chandler.  He gets paid but not NEAR what he deserves and his wife tells him that all the time.  Thanks for sticking it out and putting up with all those lonely nights on the couch just for me buddy!  Check out his “Moth and Ethan” comic strip by clicking the banner to the right.