Well, after 23 strips (and one “dance break”), this is the last of the “Reinventions” storyline I’ve been on for awhile.  It started with Megan trying to reinvent herself by changing her hair color, finding her new boyfriend Cougar, then it spread to Mark thinking he needed to make a change in his life right about the time he met their new neighbor Travis.  He took a trip on that wild side, but hopefully learned (through some gentle prodding by Melody) that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see Travis again (as the last panel implies), I really enjoyed writing and drawing him.  He’s what all men would become without the influence and refining of a steady woman in our lives.  (Just my opinion, don’t hate.)

I have some straight “gag” strips I’ve been wanting to do coming next, then a new storyline (once I figure out how I want to do it).  More to come!

In the “News” section of OUTNUMBERED, I have now started posting this strip on Universal UClick’s website GO COMICS!  I’m hoping this will provide an even bigger readership for the strip. Presently, I’m uploading the first 10 strips daily, then I think I will be going through the rest of the archives twice a week, then once I’m caught up to the new stuff go to posting new ones on Mondays, like on this site.  Don’t worry, I’ll be posting the new ones here still (and keeping the archives here also).  I don’t know what my end game is with both these sites, but I know they have a lot of comics fans there that I’d like to see Outnumbered.  BUT- the strip is much BIGGER here.  You may want to stick with this site because of that reason alone!  Here’s the Go Comics link if you want to see it there: http://www.gocomics.com/outnumbered/2013/11/22#.Uo-JuKWTTKs