I’m writing this as I’m about to run out of the house to fly to Burbank, CA for the CTN Expo (and animation convention).  I will be selling my two art books and my comic book graphic novel as well as lots of drawings and stuff.  Should be fun.  I will be back on Monday, when this strip comes out so I and the mighty Andrew Chandler (color) had to get this done even earlier to make sure I could schedule this for Monday morning before I left.  Thanks Andrew.

Also, since this post comes out on Monday, I can now post my announcement that should have been put out on social media as of Friday .   A partner and I are launching a new website for video based art instruction with professional artists from all forms of media.  Its just in the Beta phase, but we should have at least three lessons up and many more coming.  It’s called TAUGHT BY A PRO!  Please go to the site, watch the trailer, check out our PROs, and subscribe to the updates (top, right side).   Also, go like the Facebook page while you’re at it!


Website:  www.taughtbyapro.com

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/taughtbyapro?ref=hl