I have to admit, I try not to have single guy friends.    Its a dangerous game being a married guy with a family and having a single buddy.   (Even more dangerous having a single GAL friend, but that’s another story- and potentially a good strip down the road!)  Soon the time will come where you go to said male friend’s place and- if you can see beyond the mess and the smell- what will naturally occur is that you will see the wonders of singlehood dripping from the walls!  Nice TV sets, sport cars, collections of action figures, comic books strewn around the living room, surround sound systems, and just bought Blu-Ray DVDs!  Not to mention junk food and adult beverages that some may be tempted by also.  My wife’s version of seeing- and coveting- an alternative lifestyle is going on model homes tours.    In both cases, you go back to your own home and things don’t seem as exciting or bright.  Jealousy can be an ugly step mother!

HEY- Exciting news!  I know have a Facebook Page for OUTNUMBERED!  Go here ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Outnumbered-Comic-Strip/242325415922640 ) and hit the LIKE button.  One nice “EXTRA” is that I posted the rough work in progress scans for this VERY STRIP!  Check it out.  Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!