Aaaand, we’re BACK.  Back to the Travis/ Mark bromance storyline since our Dance Break strip last week.  Thanks for hanging in there.  (Wasn’t sure about this title, but I must admit I enjoy trying to come up with clever titles as much as writing the strip itself!)

Are we having fun?  Anything you think is missing in OUTNUMBERED?  Do you like more of a gag a week kind of strip or more of a storyline based (with gags, hopefully, along the way) strip?  I think one day when I put all of these together in a book or something, the storyline strips will work even better, but you tell me.

Have I told you that I love you guys/gals that keep coming back?  I do.  Thanks for being you.

As usual, a special tip of the hat to Andrew Chandler who colored this strip!  Check out his strip at the banner link to the right.