NOTE: Due to a glitch (by me) I had uploaded this strip too early so some of you may have seen it already.  If you do, click the “previous” button (below the strip) and see if that one is new to you.  Hopefully, you didn’t see one of these!  Sorry.

Today celebrates my 50th OUTNUMBERED comic strip!    It sounds like a lot to me, but in the world of webcomics I’m just getting started.  Most established webcomics (with decent followings) have been doing it for years and have hundreds of strips in their archives.  One day.  I’m just happy to keep a regular delivery of once a week right now.  (NOTE: If you count the strips in archives you’ll see its not a complete 50 strips.  I deleted a few along the way for various reasons.)

For today’s strip: Let the fires of the Bromance ignite!  Mark is a bit smitten.   Or jealous.  Or both.