So, lots going on with OUTNUMBERED lately.  Last week, though busy with work as usual, I pushed myself to get out TWO Outnumbered (inks and lettered) strips so I could get them to the talented Andrew Chandler to color so I would be a week ahead of him starting this week.  I have high hopes of getting even more lead time on him, since I don’t want to have to push him to do a crazy late night just to color the strip I gave him at the last minute some Sunday night.  The analytics tell me that you guys liked having OUTNUMBERED in color last Monday!  The pageviews for last Monday were an all-time high, thank you all!

Secondly, as a follow up to a post I put up a good 3-4 months ago, I finally heard back from the second of the “big two” syndicates, King Features.  It was a nice email with a GREAT first paragraph about how much they liked the strip.  The art, the writing, the humor, the concept- really- the whole package.  Then the second paragraph: but we’re going to pass on it.  Ouch.  They said they have other strips in development/ launching that they feel are a bit stronger as far as “what editors like”.  It ended with a nice “keep me posted on how it does on the web”, so there’s that.  Problem with OUTNUMBERED as a webcomic?  (THis is my opinion only.)  I think its not what the “usual” webcomic fans look for.  It doesn’t have fantasy elements, video game references, sex, half naked girls, or college humor.  Its about a family.  That suits newspapers better, in my opinion.  You guys tell me what you think about that.  Don’t worry though, I’m not going anywhere.  I’m still very into “proving the man wrong”, so lets do that together!

But, back to Today’s strip – I’m excited!  Not only is it in color again-which I can’t get used to and love more than blue jeans- but I’ve also finally gotten to the point I’ve been wanting to get to for awhile:  the introduction of Travis, the new single guy next door.  He has already been fun to write.   I just imagine what my life (for good and- mostly- bad) would be if I had never married and had kids.  And if I was a former high school football quarterback, which I wasn’t.  That’s Travis.  If I did everything correctly, you should see my original character design for Travis below.  More to come on him.