Surprise!   Welcome to the Wonderful World of Color!  This week is the beginning of all my dailies being in color (if all goes right)!  My good friend Andrew Chandler has agreed to color my strips and I will wash and wax his cars weekly.  That’s how much I love you all.  Yep.  (Its something like that.)  At any rate, my goal is to start posting color every Monday, while ALSO updating the archives with COLOR also!  Andrew is about half way through the archives already, I just need to start uploading it.  (I’ll tell you when that happens, but I’ll probably start with the first one and upload ten at a time, every week.)  It’s getting exciting!

EDIT:  I DID upload about the first 6-7 strips in COLOR.  Go check them out.  I am having problems with the uploads, though, so a couple have two versions.  Can NOT fix that, I don’t know why.

Now, as far as this strip goes, I have a theory I want to throw out there.  I believe (with no real research to back this up) that if you interviewed 20 different married couples, asking them how old they are in their head  (not their actual age, nor how old they “feel”, that’s all together different)- I bet every man would say that the ‘birthday clock’ stopped further back then their wives did.  I think, as men, we look at that “golden age” as the age we were when things were fairly hassle- free, with not many bills, no kids, probably not married (or just married)- probably around 20-25.  Time stopped in our heads.  For women, who embrace responsibility better than we do, I believe that “time clock” of when their golden age was, is further back- maybe between 25-35.  Men idealize (and sometimes idolize) those days of being immature (probably in college or just out of it when they are newly married and excitedly climbing the biz ladder) and not having too many “have to’s” in their life.  Women, can accept some of those responsibilities and may even desire some of them (like kids and marriage) so their “ideal” is later.  That’s my theory.  Some will agree, some won’t.  I certainly don’t mean it to be demeaning, since in my opinion women are the more noble and age more graciously in most cases.  I mean, the term “mid-life crisis” is almost an exclusively MALE diagnosis- and for a reason.  Anyway, we’re going to delve into this with Mark for a bit.  Its been fun to write and draw, since I know it well.

AND, I still have some artwork up on Ebay (some may have finished when you read this), including a Mushu color piece and a really nice Spiderman spread!  Check it out here: