This strip is a bit of a “cleanser” between what I am calling act 1 and act 2 of the extended story I’m telling with Outnumbered.  The last 8-10 strips have been about Megan wanting to make a change in her life , with not such good results.   Next, well, I’m not saying, but I look forward to delving into the Outnumbered family more but also introducing some new characters along the way.

This gag, hit me while eating chicken and wild rice soup.  I really enjoyed it.  And, as usually happens, in my imagination I took that to extremes- thus coming up with this strip idea.   Beyond the soup love, the other elements of this strip are from my life.  My wife truly believes that I think its possible for the world to fall into a zombie apocalypse.  I don’t.  At least not when I really think it through.  Still, I watch all the zombie films I can so I know how to fight them if I am every called to.  Lastly-and this is the hardest to admit- I have had many a discussion with said wife about the possibility of building a bunker.  Not to keep out zombies necessarily, but the horrible masses of humanity that come for my food stuffs, more likely.  I loves me my food.  Remember Y2K?   My lady didn’t let me get the bunker but she did allow us withdrawing a few hundred dollars in cash in case the banks failed and hit the store for canned goods and water.   Bless her heart.   I think I’ll make her Queen of America when it all goes to pot and we finally decide to come out of the bunker.