I always write these blogs late at night or when I’m frantically trying to run out the door.  So, sorry, but I have nothing on my mind right now to share with you all.  Again, many thanks for supporting OUTNUMBERED.  I’ve gotten some really nice comments from a few of you lately, and that kind of stuff really keeps me going.  I appreciate all of you that read this strip- especially the ones that come back every week!

On the artistic side, once again, I tried something new- I inked the strip by hand.  Just yesterday (Sat.) I finished the last of 12 illustrations for a children’s book.  It was also all hand inked so I guess I was just in the mood and had the inks out, so why not?  It actually didn’t take any more time and may have gone even quicker.  I’ll never figure out the best way to do this strip!