This one is a bit “aggressive” for my usual sense of humor.  But when stuff like this happens with your own kids what is appropriate kind of goes out the window.  I felt like this is a situation where Mark would be a bit more aggressive and on the “borderline” of what he would normally do.  I know this is a webcomic and there really are no rules so I can have the characters do and say whatever I want- no holds barred, right?   BUT- I have my own moral code for my life which also applies to what  I like to see in comic strips.  So, you’re stuck with that.   I don’t curse;  my characters don’t also.    End of lecture.

Syndication update:  As some of you that actually read these blogs already know, I submitted OUTNUMBERED to the BIG TWO newspaper syndicates (the gate holders to getting your strip into newspapers) and heard a favorable rejection (do those two words go together?) from the first, Universal Press.  About a month or more ago, I submitted it to the second, King Features, but have not heard anything back.  I finally emailed them and found out that they couldn’t find my submission.  Never saw it.  Well, they found it and the editor said he’d review it in the next week or two.  I honestly don’t have high hopes for this, but as I said before, this is on my artistic “bucketlist” to at least TRY and get syndicated.  It could mean having tons of work and the pay of a part time job, after all, so why not!?!   I’m doing it for FREE right now, so its a step up!

Enjoying OUTNUMBERED?  I hope so.  I’m enjoying it also and actually have the next month’s worth of strips written.  I have about another month or two of storyline planned for after that for this story arc, so hang in there.   My oldest daughter said she likes Megan’s short hair, but not the purple part.  Which is good, because its another step in the production process to color it. 🙂  So, her hair may be changing soon unless I hear different from all of you.  Spread the word about Outnumbered please.  It helps build the community!