Welcome back to me!  Its been a very busy month and this strip being up, pretty much back to drawing “par”, and on time means that I’m back from vacation!  We had a great time the week before this one, in CA, with my whole family.   I hope you have gotten a chance to get out and do stuff you don’t normally get to do also.
Back to Outnumbered, hopefully you’ll remember the storyline we’ve been on for the last few strips (ignoring last weeks “stand in”).  Remember Megan’s purple hair?  Cougar, her new boyfriend?  Hit the back arrows under today’s strip if you need to get refreshed.  I have the next 4 or 5 strips written already, which is rarely the case.  I’ve enjoyed looking at this batch of strips as a story arc with little gags along the way.   I hope you do too.  My ultimate goal is to explore the characters a bit more.  Megan might not be the only one in the family that thinks they need a change!

On the artistic side, even though this is about my 40th strip, I’m still playing with drawing techniques for this strip.  This one, like last weeks, is done in pencil (with Photoshop word balloons, lettering, and tones).  Its the way I started doing these way back when (if you look at the first 5 or so strips from last Jan.).   I’m not sure I’ll stay with it, but I do enjoy the looseness and they do go a little quicker, I think.  Let me know what you think of today’s strip in the comments.  Better yet, if you like it, share it on your social networks.  I’d love to grow this little community of Outnumbered readers!  Don’t you want more friends?