Well, here we are on Memorial Day and I’m working.  Thus is the life of a freelancer!  Lots of freedom, but no vacation/holidays off.  Hopefully, you, dear reader, are looking at this on your Iphone while lounging at the pool.  I have a TON of work right now but this gag has been burning in my head for awhile.  Baby Pedro had to have his day in this webcomic!  Even with three other projects for this weekend, I HAD to make it a Sunday strip.  I could milk the gag even more and, well, maybe go too far just like Mark.  I hope not.  Again, a HUGE thanks to the talented webcomic artist Andrew Chandler for the emergency coloring job on Sunday, no less!  Check out his webcomic here: http://andrewchandler.net/moth_ethan/

The truth in this strip is that, as men, we are masters of taking things too far.  Sometimes it’s a project we are working on around the house, a compliment that becomes a put down, a meal that becomes a feast, or  a joke that never ends.  For me, its almost always a joke that I keep going till the whole family stops laughing.  Support us, loved ones, but remind us that we can put a ‘button on it’ at a certain point.  God bless and Happy Memorial Day!

As a reminder, we are back to only posting once a week- on MONDAYS ONLY.  Sorry, but read the above about all the work and wanting to lie by the pool again.