Hey Everyone!  Well, this is it- as stated in Monday’s strip blog, this is the LAST THURSDAY strip for a little bit.  Hopefully, not the last, but probably for the summer since I have a TON of work, travel for lectures, and even a vacation with my family!  Every moment is taken for a few months.   BUT-  I really wanted to end Upload Thursdays on a bang so I asked my (twin) brother/ animator/artist TONY BANCROFT to write and draw today’s strip!  He nearly killed himself doing it since he stayed up late a few nights in a row, so I’m very thankful to my bro for putting his 125% into this!  It looks great and works within the cannon of strips already posted, in my opinion.  I love the fantasy element also!  Tony hand inked this with a crow quill pin, just like the Peanuts were created way back when.  Thanks Tony, you’re the greatest- and best looking brother ever!  (We’re twins, so I can say that.)