Here we are again!  Okay, an announcement:  I’m super busy!  That’s not the announcement, but I’m leading up to it….so I’m going to be going BACK to posting every MONDAY ONLY, for a little while at least.  See, I have a day job/contract gig, lots of freelance that I over commited to, some development projects for a studio, a successful Kickstarter (for my comic series) that I have to fulfill, some commissions, a family, some work and family trips planned this summer, and some of my own projects that I’m working on- of which this comic strip is one!  And guess which one in that long line of work becomes the most “optional”?  Unfortuntly, it can be my family far too many times.  But that’s not what I want, so I’m pulling back on the strip just a little-for the summer or so.  I hope you understand.

BUT- the good news is that that new schedule won’t start till NEXT Monday because (drumroll…..) I talked my twin brother, Tony, into illustrating an OUTNUMBERED strip for THIS THURSDAY!  Wahooo, this will be fun.  Tony, besides being a former Disney animator (Pumbaa and Kronk, among others), the c0-director of the film “Mulan”,  and the author of the upcoming book from Focal Press, “Directing for Animation”,- is ALSO a father of 3 girls of his own!  SO, he’s going to come up with the gag as well as illustrate it.  Looking forward to it?  Me too!