Hi.  I never really mentioned this, but I launched this webcomic months ago (beg. of Jan.) for two reasons.  1) My cool wife told me I should.  Us artists are dreamers and we tend to strain the love relationships in our lives by constantly trying new things, not being focused, and coming up with crazy ideas that cost lots of money. So, when my wife of 24 years says “You should just post it online; just do it!”, well, she is speaking my love language.  And 2), I had this idea for a fun, family strip (strongly based on my own family) that wouldn’t go away.  So much so, that I finally had an idea I wanted to pursue enough to work long hours- for free- in order to get enough strips together to submit them to a comics syndicate.  You need a months worth of strips for that (which is about 24 strips and 3-4 color, “Sundays”), and as of a couple weeks ago, I had that (sans a couple color ones, but I’ve been told that’s not a big deal).  So, last week I printed them out and snail mailed them off to the UNIVERSAL Press Syndicate, home of PEANUTS, ZITS, and many of the best strips ever.  Who knows what will happen and how long it will take to hear back, but I’m just glad I can check this off my artistic “bucket list”.  I’m going to keep going with the strip, in the meantime.  I’m enjoying it, so why not. At any rate, I hope you do too and that you also tell your friends about OUTNUMBERED.  Thanks, Tom B.