A good friend of mine, Rick Frogge, has been feeding me cool situations for Outnumbered because he has become a fan.  I always appreciate that, since I don’t want this strip to be ONLY about my family, so embracing all family experiences (as long as it fits my characters) is great.  In this case, Rick had MORE than a suggestion for a situation, he pretty much had the whole strip.  He pitched this one to me and I couldn’t resist drawing it up because I have lived this situation from both sides.  First, as the twin kid (I have a twin brother if you didn’t know) that would rise early to eat sweet cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons, then later, as the father sharing that experience with my own girls.  (Different cartoons though, and not as good these days!)  Thanks Rick!   I appreciate the suggestion and for that, you get the original artwork!  (I drew/inked it traditionally this week just so he can have it.)

Rick’s suggestion was for a daily, but I expanded the concept to make it a “Sunday” (though it is Monday).  I have been wanting to do a COLOR Sunday for sometime and felt this one was the perfect one to start with.  (I really wanted to have that moment where he kisses Melody and she is more than happy (with a wave goodbye) to continue sleeping.)  For the color, a webcomic buddy, Andrew Chandler, had offered to color some strips if ever I wanted to move in that direction.  Perfect timing!  I jumped at his kind offer and he did an excellent job on this strip!  I plan on doing another Sunday in a few weeks (once the day job settles down a bit).  Check out Andrew’s awesome comic strip ” Moth and Ethan” (which just celebrated its 1 year anniversary!) here:  http://andrewchandler.net/moth_ethan/