Based on the comments from Monday’s strip, the idea of spouses having a “secret money stash” is not that out of the ordinary.  That said, it also seems to be a practice in ill regard.  And I agree, the concept of having a little “play money” or even “allowance” for each spouse that is built into the budget is a much more honest way of doing things.  There does need to be a little extra money that your spouse doesn’t ask what you did with, in my opinion.   As long as its not illegal or immoral (like buying old Star Wars figures), then that’s fine.  I think.

By the way, you’ll notice that I reused the pose/art of Mark doing his “Gah” from last strip.   I feel a little bad about this, but I also thought that it was funny to see him react in the same way, like a running gag.  I think “Gah!” will become his “Doh!” (like Homer Simpson).