I was having a conversation with a guy geek friend recently and the concept of “hidden funds” came up.  I said, of course, I have no hidden money from my family which I love.  What is mine is theirs and I have no needs that does not include them.  Naturally.  BUT, to my shock, he enlightened me that he had heard of male friends that kept certain funds a secret from their spouse so that they might have a little fun money to buy their geek stuff (you know, old comics, figurines, sculptures, artwork, anything with Darth Vador on it, etc.).  I’m sure “sports guys” spend their secret funds on sport related stuff, though I’m not sure what that would be.  Its a sad thing that SOME men think they need to have their ‘something just for me’ money.  I’m disgusted with my sex.  More on this as it develops.