My wife and I have been exercising together for over a year now.  Its a very intense Bootcamp style work out with a group and a trainer that yells at us.  (Okay, he doesn’t really yell, thank goodness.)  I hate it.  I can’t deny, though, that I need it.  It helps me feel okay with eating a lot on the days I work out.  Twice as much, “Because I worked out today.”  Jen and I are competitive with each other about it too.  In a friendly way, usually.  Even though it is Melody preaching in this strip, its really MY voice coming out of her.  I have given Jen the same lecture of why don’t we just “give up” and enjoy our lives- and food.  But, I have to admit, I like her looking hot.  She has mentioned a few times she likes it when I don’t have my tummy buddy too.  So, here we are.

My only other note on this strip is that I was going to have Mark saying this (because of the above reasons) but it sounded extra mean for that punchline to come out of his mouth.  I think us men expect that our wives wouldn’t mind us looking a bit better.   If we think that of them, you better keep that to YOURSELF buddy!  Nuff’ said!